PlanetJailbreak - J.E.L.P. 2004

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Friday, Aug. 13th

Gentlemen, start your engines!

Luetzel? Where the hell is Luetzel?

View from the outside.

The backyard.

Bea-Bomber, Lenor and Hoffi in front of the main hall.

DarthCampi joins in.

The sleeping rooms.

Setting things up.

Jailbreak III - what is that?

Has somebody seen my cable?

C'mon guys, we wanna play!

So, the server is still not ready?

Let's play a botmatch then.

Mychaeel is real!

Scope enjoys his second beer while having zero frags.

DevilX in the dark!

Allright, the server is up and running!

Hmmm ... looks like I am missing some files.

Sauron brought his own chair.

Bathory and Anathema, still smiling.

Mych, tweaking his notebook.

Angie without the FlakCannon.

Who's water is that?

Aah, I've finally found my cable.

Mych, ZedMaestro and Trueblood.

Sharing Pizza!

Saturday, Aug. 14th

Saturday morning, 8am - what's going on in the kitchen?

Time for some coffee ...

... and a couple of toasts.

Coffee ... need more coffee ... fast!

Tiefflieger enjoys his breakfast ...

... and so does Bea-Bomber.

The fridge ...

... and the supplies.

The dishwashers!

DevilX and Sauron.

New day - new luck!

I need some backup!

Scope gets doped!

Lenor (amazed)!

Bluebird, Spunky and COOL.

Is that a lolly Anathema?

Coffee, cigarettes and Boost.

UNO, DarthCampi, Bathory and Lenor (still amazed).

Sokrates in search of the SniperRifle.

Bea-Bomber, Angie and TccK.

Laughing out loud!

Who shot me?

Why don't you play Sexmachine?

Hightech (not yet glowing)!

Hoffi and Dalton. Maggie and Sokrates. ZedMaestro and Trueblood.

Pinowife, Bluebird, Spunky and COOL.

Boost and CoolDude.

CoolDude, Scope and Bluebird.

Hoffi, Dalton and Pinowife.

DevilX and Sauron.

Let's rock!

Oh yeah!

Sonnentau and Lenor, looking for food.

"Aaah, why me? I shot aswell."

Tiefflieger tries to figure out, why Lenor is so amazed.

Are you sure you've got everything under control TccK?


More cheese (well almost).

The hall of giants!

Stop watching! You're making me nervous!

Hoffi, Dalton and Pinowife.

No need for a break, Hoffi?

The guys from the Empire.

Mychaeel already disappeared. :(

That's NOT your PC Bea!

Good games y'all!

Time for another cigarette.

And time for a barbecue.

I am the alpha and the omega!

Time to quit smoking.

Some hungry mouths to feed.

DarthCampi, Tiefflieger and Sexmachine.

Looking good!

The gathering!


Don't forget about the saté sticks!

Who's in control of the barbecue?

Spunky looks pleased.

Hmm ... she really ate that?

More smoke!

Bratwurst and vegetables!

Hey! Can you get me a beer?

More Bratwurst.


Boost, Pinowife and Dalton.

We need more steaks!


Hmmm ... grilled vegetables!

Waiting for food.

Geez, are you sure you know what you are doing?

At least DevilX enjoys the meal.

While Scope sticks with the beer.

Not that much smoke anymore.

Say: "Cheese!"

Bathory, Bluebird and TccK.

The night falls down.

Attention! Camera to the right!

Will he ever stop making photos?

A penny for your thoughts CoolDude.

Time for a REAL tournament.

So this is team orange vs. team green. Team orange plays red and green plays blue, while team yellow disconnects and team red connects to...

Got it?

Defend the beer!

Roger that!



Lower level - right side!

Hehe, you wish!

Got it!

More coffee.

Hehehe, headshot!

Is Spunky cheating?

Dalton, explaining the basics to Pinowife.

Where is that sucker?

Catch me if you can.

I need some backup!

Is that UNO in the back?

Prepare for battle!

Last second save.

Allright, the tourney is over - gg!

Team red!

Red vs. green!

Dutch beer vs. german beer!

And the winning team is ...


So lets throw the gummy bears at them!

Time to chill and relax.

Lenor needs a break.

TccK, Bathory, UNO and Angie.

Do you like my hat?

I hate Basmma.


Sokrates, explaining the escape route in "Eternal Caves".


Sunday, Aug. 15th

What a sweet morning!

Ham and eggs.

Back to business.

Just six more hours.

Let's rock!

Roger that!

What? Just 30 more minutes?

Yeah, 30 more minutes 'til the next barbecue!

Barbecue? Again?

In need of fresh air.

Here comes the smoke again.

And the steaks ...

... and (of course) Bratwurst!

I'm on fire!

Women's talk.


It's oh so quiet.

Ssssssssssssssssssh, ssssssssssssshhhhh!

Tiefflieger aka "Joe the lips" ...

... taking care of the smoke.

Hungry again, Boost?

What a lovely day.

Anyone else want's some?

Oh yeah!

The final matches have begun.

Crusher or Basmma?

What about Basmma for all?

Err - you mean 25 people in Bassma ...

... are you sure?

Oh yeah, I am sure!


That's it folks, the JELP is over!

Dalton, Pinowife, Boost, CoolDude ...

... and COOL prepare to leave.

Home again.

See you next year!

Added bonus: The Jailbreak X-Files map pack.

Back in November 2003 we had a big discussion going on in our forums about switch camping and CoolDude came up with what he called "reverse base idea". As a result I have modified a couple of maps where the jails and the release switch were really close to each other (in the enemy base) by simply switching the jails over. We had a couple of games at that time and some people enjoyed these maps while others didn't (gameplay really is different compared to the original versions). Just a few days ago I came to the point where I had to decide if I delete these maps or release them as some sort of a map pack ...

... well, it looks like the map pack idea has won. Have fun and play more Jailbreak! - Sexmachine


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