Sun, Sea, and Frag

Image - Sun, Sea, and Frag

ZedMaestro has just released his map Coralation. It's set on a set of tropical islands, and you travel between them on wooden bridge, with jump pads, or on board flying vehicles. It's also a very big map: the recommended minimum number of players is 16 (at our Beta Test Fest last week we didn't get enough people to do it justice, unfortunately).

So if you can't get away for the summer, you can always still play Jailbreak on the beach!

Those pesky bots

Image - Those pesky bots

FlakMagnet has sent word that his BotManager mutator now works with custom gametypes, and has been specifically tested with Jailbreak 2004.

BotManager is a very useful tool that allows you to manage the addition and removal of bots from within a running game. You can choose their team, their appearance, and even skill level (to have a game with bots of mixed skills). It's good for botmatches, essential for map testing, and it comes with an extremely slick interface.

You can download BotManager from UT200x HQ.

Overtime Last Chance Add-on released

Ever had one of those games that ends up in a tie that goes on for ages? A new Jailbreak Add-on created by _Lynx aims to prevent this situation from spoiling your games. With this Add-on, a match still goes into overtime when both teams are tied at the time limit, but it's kept short and sweet. Quite simply, the release switches become inactive, and the final battle commences. It's everyone's last chance to bag the other team and score that vital point. And if you end up in jail... too bad. You'll be staying there till your friends and enemies have finished fighting it out. It should make for some pretty intense action!

The Overtime Last Chance Add-on is available as a UMOD installer and a plain zipfile.


Image - BetaTestFest

Strap yourselves in for some intense action! It's Beta Testing Night on the Jailbreak Mothership on Thursday.

Beta Testing Night, or BetaTestFest as I'm calling it, is a chance to iron out bugs in maps that are nearly ready for a full release. You can help Jailbreak mappers make sure their maps are the best they can be, and you can also get to play on the latest and coolest Jailbreak maps and have some fragging fun.

The maps being tested tomorrow are Coralation, RimeValley, and Aswan-v2. Make sure you get all the files before joining the server. These maps have had a fair amount of testing done already. The purpose of the BetaTestFest is to find any bugs that may occur only in a network environment, and preferably with a large number of players for the two vehicle maps.

Testing is at 9PM UK time on Thursday (10 PM Western Europe, sometime in the afternoon for USA and Canada).

And hey, members of the almighty Enigma Zone Crew! Why not celebrate your victory in the Tourney by coming along for a game?

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