PlanetJailbreak - Help with Downloads

7-Zip archive format

Some of our files are compressed using the 7-Zip format. This format gives a smaller files, meaning a quicker download for you, and saves bandwitdh and space for our hosts Beyond Unreal and its mirrors.

You will need the free 7-Zip utility to decompress 7-Zip archives: download it for Windows, or Linux.

Problems with UT4Mod installers

Here are some common problems with using UT4Mod installer files, and their workarounds:

Double-clicking the installer doesn't do anything at all.
Known, Jailbreak-unrelated problem with the ECE bonus pack for UT2004.
WORKAROUND: Reinstall the last UT2004 patch and retry installing Jailbreak.
Double-clicking the installer just pops up Windows's "Open file with" dialog.
Your .ut2mod or .ut4mod file association is broken.
WORKAROUND: Download UT2kx Regcheck and run it to fix your file associations.
Installer doesn't detect installed UT2004 and refuses to install Jailbreak.
Frequent mess-up caused by other installers.
WORKAROUND: See this public thread for details and a workaround.
Installer doesn't detect installed Jailbreak when adding a patch or pack that requires it.
Installing Jailbreak 2004 from Epic's UT2004 ECE DVD doesn't correctly add Jailbreak data to the manifest.
WORKAROUND: See this public thread for details and a workaround.
Patch installer doesn't detect a previous installation of unpatched Jailbreak 200x and refuses to install the patch.
The previous installation of Jailbreak 200x is only detected if you used the UMod installer to install that, too.
WORKAROUND: See this public thread for a workaround.

For other problems, see our list of currently-known bugs and workarounds. You can also ask for help in our support forum.