Download: Jailbreak 200x: Maps

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Map Database

Jailbreak 200x's comprehensive map database was hosted at Nali City, which is currently not operational. Here are some alternatives for locating Jailbreak maps.

Jailbreak 2004 Jailbreak 2003
  • Nali City file backup at AtomicGamer. UT2k3other folder contains JB2003 maps as well as other UT2003 mod maps.

Screenshots of some of these maps are in the gallery.

Map Packs

The following map packs have been compiled since the release of Jailbreak 200x:

Jailbreak Classics
ZedMaestro took seven Jailbreak III classics and rebuilt them from scratch for our latest release. Enjoy classic Jailbreak action in Arboria, Basmma, Eternal Caves, Frostbite, Gauntlet, Grudge and (S)nifam!
The Conversions
Map pack #2 brings together some of the finest maps from other gametypes, converted to play on Jailbreak, and freshens up a few more Jailbreak III favourites: Atlantis, Chrome, Crusher3, EpicBoy2k4-Classic, Furia, Relic, ScorchedEarth, SpaceLego, and StalwartXL.