Download: Jailbreak III: Maps

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Map Database

Jailbreak III's comprehensive map database is currently hosted by Nali City.

Map Packs

Several map packs have been compiled since the release of Jailbreak III:

Jailbreak III Standard
All maps from the first Jailbreak III release (before Gold). You don't need this pack if you downloaded the full Jailbreak III package before Gold.
Jailbreak III Gold
All maps from the Jailbreak III Gold distribution. You don't need this pack if you downloaded the full Gold package.
Jailbreak Classics
All the good old maps Jailbreak fans have come to love since the very first release of the mod. Most maps in this pack got a thourough facelift to get them up to date with Jailbreak III's state of the art.
Jailbreak Custom 1
Jailbreak Custom 2
Two packs with nine maps each. From an offshore mutiny, an ancient Babylonian temple structure, an alien invasion from outer space to several skilled conversions of Epic maps – here is everything you could possibly be looking for.
Jailbreak Custom 3
A pack with twelve maps of all kinds for Jailbreak III. New creations take you to a mysterious Skaarj outpost, make you avoid thunderstorms on Jupiter or travel back in time to the 'Dark Age'. Additionally some already known maps shine in a new light too.
Jailbreak Custom 4
Jailbreak Custom 5
And two more packs with a total of 21 maps. Visit the northern goddess in Ragnar, become a witness of the Fall of Darkarix or go undercover in an Urban Operation. These two packs are our final tribute to Jailbreak III, so you better download them now!
Team K9 Power Pack
A pack with eight unique Jailbreak III maps designed to be fast and furious. Close combat and wicked gameplay are what you'll find here, hence the name 'Power Pack'.
Jailbreak X-Files
This map pack is a compilation of nine already known Jailbreak III maps. The only difference to the original maps is the location of the jails, that's where the 'X-Files' part comes in.