About Jailbreak

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Jailbreak is a gametype modification: it adds a new gametype, "Jailbreak", that sits alongside DeathMatch, Capture the Flag, Domination and so on. It introduces new rules and new effects, and maps specific to the gametype.

We are currently working on UT3 Jailbreak for Epic's Unreal Tournament 3. This is being developed internally: watch our news page for updates. We have previously released Jailbreak for earlier versions of Unreal Tournament: Jailbreak 2004 for Unreal Tournament 2004, Jailbreak 2003, a similar version to Jailbreak 2004 but without as many features or maps, for Unreal Tournament 2003, and Jailbreak III for Unreal Tournament.


In Jailbreak, like in many other game types, your objective is to frag the opposing players — but unlike other game types, fragged players go straight into safe custody in the enemy jail when they're killed. To get them out of there, one of their teammates will have to fight his way into the enemy base and trigger the jail release switch that's hidden there (Jailbreak!). It is your task to defend your prison release switch and to free your own teammates when they're in jail. If your opponents manage to get all members of your team in prison, the opposing team will score a point, and your team will die a horrible death.

Jailbreak strongly focuses on team play and forces players to take on different roles for their team as the game goes on: defending their release switch, going into offense to frag opponents, or attacking the enemy base to release your own team members from prison. You'll have to be a versatile player to survive and win a game of Jailbreak.