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For the Jailbreak Classics map pack, ZedMaestro took seven of the most popular Jailbreak III maps and rebuilt them from scratch along with a facelift for all of them.

Choose one of the following download variants. For the smallest download, choose either of the 7-Zip variants; you will need the free 7-Zip utility to decompress them (download for Windows, Linux). Mac users (and users who wish not to download and install 7-Zip) can download the larger regular zip version.

You need a prior installation of Jailbreak 2004 to play the maps in this map pack.

Jailbreak Classics, v2 – 7-zip format, 32.7 MB
AtomicGamer USA Germany
Jailbreak Classics, v2 – zip format, 42.4 MB
AtomicGamer USA

If you have previously downloaded version 1 of this pack, you can download a smaller patch to update to version 2:

Jailbreak Classics, patch on v1
7-zip format 20.2 MB
zip format 26.4 MB