Download: Jailbreak III: Map Packs: Jailbreak Classics

The Jailbreak Classics map pack is a compilation of all those good old maps Jailbreak fans have come to love since the very first release of the mod.

All maps in this pack got a thorough facelift to get them up to date with Jailbreak III's state of the art, however; and Lost Falls was even remade from scratch for inclusion in this pack.


Mirror File Formats Locations
AtomicGamer UMod installer (14.2 MB) Zip Archive (14.2 MB) United States 7-Zip Archive (10.2 MB) Germany

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Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem (by DireIce)


Coloraido (by MasterBotAI)

Deck 16

Deck 16 (converted by Sexmachine)

Eternal Cave

Eternal Cave (converted by Wiz)

Facing Worlds

Facing Worlds (converted by DireIce)


Freya (by Snowdog)

Lava Giant

Lava Giant (converted by DireIce)

Lost Falls

Lost Falls (by tarquin and Daikiki)


Nightmoves (by Daikiki)


Niven (converted by Soulbringer)


November (converted by DireIce)


Phasma (by ElBundee)

Pit of Despair

Pit of Despair (by DireIce)

Skull Drudgery

Skull Drudgery (by Muad'dib)