Download: Jailbreak III: Potentially Asked Questions

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Problems with the download or with installing Jailbreak on your computer? Check this list of potentially asked questions (and their answers) first – most common problems and their solutions are listed here.

If your problem isn't covered here or you can't work it out yourself, send an email to or post in our Jailbreak Support forum. But do read this page first – if you send us an email or post in the forum and your question is covered here already, you'll likely get just a link back to this page anyway.

Which mirror is best for me?

    The one that's geographically closest to you. If you live in Europe, choose one of the German mirrors, for instance. (If the data doesn't have to travel across an ocean, you'll usually get better download rates.)

When I double-click the UMod file, nothing happens (or: Explorer asks which program I want to open it with).

    Your .umod file association is probably broken; that is a common problem and nothing to worry about too much. Download the Registry Fixer and run it, and everything should be working again.

I can start the UMod installer, but it keeps complaining that I don't have Unreal Tournament installed.

    Assuming that you do have Unreal Tournament installed, that's just another common problem with UMods. Make a backup copy of Manifest.ini in your System directory and copy this replacement for it in its place. That'll make the UMod installer rightfully believe that you do have Unreal Tournament installed.

How do I start Jailbreak? Where's the launcher?

    There is no external launcher – Jailbreak is smoothly integrated into Unreal Tournament just like Deathmatch and Capture the Flag. Click "Start Practice Session," select "Jailbreak" from the "Game Type" drop-down list and click "Start."

I want more maps!

    Check our map database for a whole lot more maps that aren't bundled with Jailbreak III Gold.