Preparing the Server

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Server setup

Running a dedicated server for Jailbreak 2004 is not much different from running a server for another UT2004 game type.

Preparing the Server

Add the following lines to the [Engine.GameEngine] section of the ini file you are going to use:


Starting the Server

Start the server with the following command line:

  ucc server JB-Map?Game=Jailbreak.Jailbreak

That will start a Jailbreak 2004 server with standard settings: jail fights, arena avenger, celebration screen, llama hunt and release protection enabled. The values for capture limit and time limit are taken from the [Jailbreak.Jailbreak] section in the .ini file you are using.

However, you can also specify a capture limit and/or time limit in the command line, overriding the .ini settings:

  ucc server JB-Map?Game=Jailbreak.Jailbreak?GoalScore=10?TimeLimit=15

Additional Parameters

You can combine those settings with any of the ones listed below. Simply append the options to the parameter string, separated by question marks.

Sets the maximum number of players permitted on the server.
Sets the minimum number of players. The game automatically adds bots to the game to fill it up to that number.
Starts the game with a mutator, specified by its package name and class name. Most mutators work well with Jailbreak 2004. You can specify more than one mutator as a comma-separated list.
Starts the game with a Jailbreak Add-On, specified by its package name and class name. You can specify more than one add-on as a comma-separated list. If the Addon parameter is completely omitted, Jailbreak automatically uses the Arena Avenger, Celebration Screen, Llama Hunt and Release Protection add-ons.
Use True to enable, False to disable translocators. Please remember we do not recommend the use of the translocator in Jailbreak.
Use True to enable, False to disable jail fights. If jail fights are disabled players won't be able to inflict damage on each other in jail at all; otherwise players can use their Shield Gun to fight each other in jail. (Players not drawing their Shield Gun still cannot be hurt.)
Sets bot skill from 0 (zero, novice) to 7 (godlike).
Sets the relative amount of friendly fire damage. Use 0.0 to switch off friendly fire, 1.0 to to have players inflict full damage on their teammates.

More generic options than those described here are supported. Refer to a general server setup guide for their usage.

Map List

You can set up a map list the server automatically cycles. Open your server's .ini file and edit the following section:


You can add as many maps as you like. Note that the map you specify in the server command line (see above) is played first after the server is started.

Web Admin

Jailbreak 2004 and Jailbreak Add-Ons fully support the web admin interface:

  • Jail fights can be enabled or disabled with the "Allow Jail Fights" setting on the "Game" page in the "Defaults" section of the web admin interface.
  • Jailbreak Add-Ons show up alongside normal mutators on the "Mutators" page in the "Current" section.
  • Extra configuration settings for Jailbreak Add-Ons show up on their corresponding page in the "Defaults" section.

If the web admin interface is active, Jailbreak 2004's scoreboard is active as well, enabling people to see who's playing on the server as long as they open http://ServerIP:WebAdminPort/scoreboard/ in their browser.

Map Vote

Here is how to configure UT2004's built-in MapVote for Jailbreak 2004.

Set up MapVote as described over at TheUnrealAdmin page.

Open your server's .ini file and add


to the [xVoting.xVotingHandler] section.

Modify the following settings in your ini if you want your server to be a Jailbreak only server: