Alpha 10

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Originally Posted by Wormbo in our development forum:

And yet another alpha, this time a bit larger because we now have the custom switch mesh.

Main changes from alpha 9:
  • We now have the capturing player on the Celebration Screen.
  • As mentioned above, release switches now have a custom base mesh and also a basic particle effect, both team-colored.
  • Hoverboard-towing a player out of jail now counts as assist.
  • Transportation restrictions now include an option to disallow translocator disk throwing altogether.
  • New toys for mappers:
    • JBLadderVolume with configurable ladder direction
    • JBKillZVolume can be restricted to specific classes.
  • Kismet changes:
    • New condition Is locked? tests whether a jail is locked, i.e. ignores activation
    • New action Play Announcement (Target) doesn't broadcasts like "Play Announcement", but only sends the announcement to the Target player(s)
    • Action Become Titan now has a new property "OnlyTest", which causes the transformation to be only simulated to check whether transformation is possible
    • Action Get match settings has a new variable "Titans", which returns whether the Titans mutator is in use
    • Event Execution didn't really change, but the implementation is more robust now. (This change requires a Kismet update.)
    • Event Jail Status has two additional outputs "Locked" and "Unlocked", which trigger when the jail's actual lock status changes. (see below)
      These two events do not affect any of the Jail Status event's linked variables.
    • Event Release can now be used to fill in MyBaseVolume and NearBaseVolume of the associated release switch (see below), similar to how Jail Status fills the JailVolumes of a JBInfoJail or JBInfoEscape.
  • Release switches now have better location speeches, similar to CTF flags. This is controlled via UTGameObjective->BaseRadius/MyBaseVolume and the various properties in the LocationSpeech group.
    MyBaseVolume or, if that's not set, BaseRadius specify the area around the switch that is considered "the base", causing bots to say "in the red/blue base". NearBaseVolume or NearBaseRadius specify a larger area around the switch where the bots say "near the red/blue base". The MyBaseVolume should contain the switch, the NearBaseVolume doesn't have to. If a player is in both volumes, the MyBaseVolume obviously takes precedence.
    If the player is outside these two areas, but the switch is the closest to the player anyway, a "Midfield" speech is used instead. If the player is MidFieldHighZOffset units above the switch, bots say "Midfield high", below MidFieldLowZOffset "Midfield low". Anything between these two is just "Midfield".
    Location speeches are only used for primary switches. Team-specific location speeches are not used for neutral switches.
  • JBSlowVolume and JBXRayVolume have a configurable camera effect property now.
  • JBInfoJail can now be locked from Kismet via the Toggle action (the actor, not the Kismet event!), separately from UnrealScript locks. If either or both locks are active, the jail will go into "locked" state and trigger the "Locked" output of its Jail Status event. Only if both locks are deactivated, the jail will go back to "unlocked" state and allow releases again, triggering the "Unlocked" output.
I hope I didn't miss anything.