Alpha 6 and a small preview

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Alpha 6 has been released internally and we are all doing our best to break it without much success. Here's the update list:

Main changes since alpha 5:
* There is a new Teleporter Release add-on. It teleports you back to the base after reaching the release switch, like in Greed. This is really handy so bots don't just stand on the switch.
* A Get Prisoners kismet action is now available that returns all prisoners, optionally from a specific jail and/or team. Used in conjunction with the new Pick One kismet action, you could pick a random player from a certain jail and/or team. Pick One will work with any list of objects, not just players.
* Values for rotation rate, firing rate, projectile class, and whether to reset rotation on disable are now mapper configurable for JBTurret's.
* Turrets can be disabled using the Toggle kismet action. Set Defending Team action has been renamed Set Owning Team and works for turrets. Because this uses a new class name, if you are currently using this in a map you will have to re-add the kismet action.
* Improvements in handling titan transformations. Added bAllowTransformation to transport restriction volumes to restrict titan transformations. By default, jail volumes will not allow transformations.
* Titans can stand on titans and behemoths on behemoths for human ladders.
* An initial pass on transport restriction icons has been done. Wormbo will be working another solution for indication transport restrictions.
* The radar has been removed from arenas.
* You can now make a human-only arena with the "Supports Bots" arena event flag.
* Various HUD tweaks and additions including radar icons for llamas, titans, and behemoths.

Also, h34dcr4sh has uploaded the execution from his map JB-Pagoda. Enjoy :)