Alpha 7!

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Well, the news is coming thick and fast.

Alpha 7 has just been released internally for testing. This time, the main changes are to the bot AI. So far, they look great.

Here's a list of the newest changes:

Main changes since alpha 6:

* Bot AI! Bots understand basic Jailbreak tactics now. (e.g. don't camp switch while nobody to release, don't waste time and ammo shooting prisoners, play more defensively if far ahead, more aggressively if behind, etc.)
To see what bots are thinking tactics-wise, use the "BotThoughts [log|screen] [on|off]" command. You can leave out either the place (log/screen) or the flag (on/off), but not both. Leaving out log/screen defaults to "both", leaving out the flag will just toggle the specified place.
The tactics are not yet configurable and are not yet displayed on the regular HUD.
* Support for team-specific teleporters with the JBTeleporter and JBTeleporterCustomMesh classes. JBTeleporterCustomMesh can just be fixed to only work for a specific team. JBTeleporter also allows dynamic changes of the owning team via the Set Owning Team action, including visual indication via the portal color.
* Special versions of the Nightshade and Stealthbender without Spider Mine Traps. Instead, they can drop both volumes. (slow and x-ray)
* New restriction indicators with hoverboard/translocator in the weapon bar and a no-sign on the titan score widget. Failed/restricted translocations are indicated on the crosshair and via an audio cue.
* Cooperative turret AI. Turrets will try to not target the same player as other turrets with the same Object -> Tag value.
* New map and arena options: Start with locker weapons (separate for map and arena), darkmatch (separate for map and arena, unless the mapname starts with "darkmatch"), custom arena start announcement support, configurable arena end delay.
* Additional titan points are awarded for releases (0.5 per released player), captures (1 for every player on the capturing team), escape assists and jail fight kills (1 point each)
To display the 0.5 point steps correctly, the titan score widget has been upgraded to accumulate successive points.
Bots spend their titan points more efficiently by becoming a titan if it makes sense. They will save the transformation for later if their team greatly outnumbers the enemies or the bot's team already has more titans than the enemies.
* There's a new titan limit: 1 titan per team per 10 players in the game. Actually, up to 9 players every team may have 1 titan, 10-19 players 2 titans, 20-29 = 3 titans and 4 titans for 30 players or more. That's effectively 1 titan per 5 players on a team.