Alpha 8!

Things have been quiet lately, but people are still busy at work!

A new alpha version has been released internally for testing.

Main changes since alpha 7:

  • The permanent, mapper-placeable slow volume. You can toggle it on and off and you can attach it to InterpActors to move it around.
  • Fixed Release event's Releaser and ReleasingTeam variables not getting updated.
  • Release switch can change team ownership immediately during releases now.
  • Improved bot support for switch ownership changes.
  • HUD improvements: escape indicator is only displayed when players of the corresponding team can be released (compatibility for KotH-style maps), release switch direction indicator won't flash any faster beyond 10 releaseable players, arena indicator position for should be interpolated for simultaneous arena fights now
  • A mapper-placeable xray volume. You can toggle it on and off and you can attach it to InterpActors to move it around. The mapper must provide the mesh and any other extra desired effects, but the code automatically knows to hide anything that is based on the volume when you toggle it off.
  • You now get proper kill messages for turrets (and in the future, monsters) instead of the credit for killing a player going to "someone".
  • JBExecution and JBExecutionBuring: a couple of placeable default executions that are already pretty versatile. There is a "Start Execution" kismet action to kick them off, just link one as a Target to the action.
  • Better support for customizing turret animation, rotation rate, projectiles, sounds, and muzzle flashes.
  • Added a custom Jailbreak configuration screen. Click the "Mod Settings" button before starting your match to see this screen.
  • Added a Jailbreak Testing mutator with commands to make testing and debugging easier.
  • Added a No Kills From Jail mutator to disable jailed players from damaging free players. The code has been changed to allow damage by default unless this mutator is enabled.
  • We now have a custom Jailbreak scoreboard which will show on your F1 scoreboard overlay, and on the mid-game menu.
  • Several other bug fixes.