Arena beacons

Image - Arena beacons

Wormbo sends word that he's implemented a feature that was requested on our development forum, by none other than Spoondog. Quite simply, the suggestion was to have some sort of visual effect on arena combattants.

An arena match can actually take place anywhere in the map, even within the main game area. It's just Jailbreak tradition and habit to have the arena as a separate area. Naturally, arena players can't harm regular players and vice versa, but just so you save your ammo, the suggestion was to mark them in some way. After considering funky transparency effects (that would fry your graphics card and be a bit glitchy) we settled on the nice and simple but effective solution of using custom beacons, as you can see in the screenshot.

Naturally, this will be in the next release of Jailbreak 2004... which is coming.