Beta Stuff

Where to begin? Quite a few betas for you guys to play around with today.
Snowdog has a new map in beta called JB-construction. This is a very open level with little cover and a lot of things to fall off of. A challenging map that quite lives up to his high standards. Check it out and tell Snow what you think over in the forum.
DireIce also has a new beta out. JB Enemy at the Gates is, you guessed it, a sniperfest in a war-torn city block. Featuring really nice architecture, mortar fire, and DireIce's regular commitment to quality, this one is cerainly worth a look. Download EATG and offer your feedback here.
Finally, ElBundee has something a little different for you to play around with; a UTJB-specific Fatboy mutator. Instead of size being set based on frags, JBFatboy uses the relative amount of time spent out of jail to decide how fat a player should be. He's still tweaking the balance a bit, but I'd certainly give it a try. And again, feedback is welcome in the forum.