BuF mutator down, temporary forum up!

Our Jailbreak III Server is back to normal once again, but as everyone seemed to enjoy the BuF mutator it'll return for sure some day in the future. Right now it's time for some standard Jailbreak fun, so don't expect any new mutators appearing in the next 10 days. Don't forget about our Sunday Lockdown and if you're able, make use of the GameVoiceServer too. Did I already mention that it's fun, fun, fun?

In other news, the BeyondUnreal staff has set up a temporary forum for all our discussion needs. We, the Jailbreak regulars, try to keep an eye on these temporary forums so if you have a questions or a suggestions that is somehow related to Jailbreak, feel free to post over there, but please stay away from useless flaming – thank you!