Happy Birthday UTJB!

Yep. UTJB is a year old. Amazing, isn't it? What started out as a hobby project has, in the last year, grown into one of the most praised and well-supported mods UT has to offer. For that I thank all of you, but special thanks must go to all the mappers and coders who have embraced and extended UTJB with the wonderful maps and code that make it what it is today. I'm sure that if the mod could make a birthday wish, it couldn't come up with anything better than the crew and support it already has.

On to the progress report. We've bugged the bugs, mapped the maps, and featured the features and are almost ready to go RC1. Just need to update the voice pack, look into some final issues, and work out which maps to include. Give us another week or two. It'll be worth the wait. Promise.