It's cold outside

Image - It's cold outside

It seems very quiet in our development forum, but I think that is just the gang taking a very well-earned break after release. We are still working on things... though slowly. In the pipeline is an update pack that will fix a few small problems in the bundled Jailbreak maps: mainly to do with Arena timings, but there will also be terrain fixes for SavoIsland and Conduit, and an optimized version of Arlon we hope.

Some of us have been working on Add-ons, but again, after the big push to release we're taking it very easy. I'm a bit stuck on mine, so if any experienced coders fancy helping me out... give me a shout in our forums.

ZedMaestro is working on his third map for Jailbreak, SubZero. You'll find more screenshots in our public mapping forum.