Last Jailbreak III Lockdown

Image - Last Jailbreak III Lockdown

Despite a hardcore who will always prefer UT over UT200x, our Jailbreak III server doesn't get many players these days, and because of this Sexmachine has cancelled the contract. It's been home to the community for a very long time, and it will be the end of an era. We're going to be saying goodbye with a final run of Jailbreak III sessions.

For the next 3 Wednesdays, relive your favourites from the history of UT Jailbreak, starting with Classic Jailbreak 205 Parole tomorrow night. That's followed by Jailbreak III maps, then the maps from Jailbreak III Gold. Then on the final day the server runs, 21 September, there's an all-out free-for-all.

So reinstall the original Unreal Tournament if you don't still have it, make sure you have all the Jailbreak maps and mark the dates and times in your calendar.