Lawkdown Rawkage

Just wanted to say a big 'Thank You' to everybody who joined us for the Sunday Lockdown yesterday. Not only was it an absolute blast, but it was also the busiest Lockdown in a long time. My skillz may not currently be quite up to scratch, but I throroughly enjoy being smacked left right and centre by... well, almost everybody, actually. This was my first chance to play JB-CryptTitan online. Although it has a minor problem with the escape route not being part of the jail, it's a fun map to play and it has a very original atmosphere.
/me tips his hat to SpoonDog.
I'd also like to say how much I enjoy Midnight City. The Screens(tm) and custom textures make for a level that looks more Duke than UT. A welcome and refreshing change.
/me tips his hat again, this time to Willy and Mych.

I hope to see y'all next week for some more Lockage.