Look at the pretty Skybox

Image - Look at the pretty Skybox

Well, it's a bit later than "next Monday", as SnowDog so enthusiastically said a while ago, but he's now finally finished JB-Freya][. And quite the work of art it seems too. I mean, look at that Skybox! Also featured are a rather artistic interpretation of Mychaeel's excellent Screens component. Really, considering what you can do with these things I'm surprised not every map being released features them.

Additional features, according to Snow, include, and I quote, "a kick-ass arena, custom deaths, and an Easter egg. You'll find out". Upon asking whether Snow had anything to say to the hoards of fans camping outside his hotel room hoping to catch a glimpse of the superstar, SnowDog donned a pair of dark sunglasses and said "This map took way too much time, so you better enjoy it, I know where y'all live" before disappearing through the back door, accompanied by his entourage of body guards, documentarists, and classy hoes.

Okay, enough silliness already. Download the map and see for yourself.

[Update: Did I say FilePlanet? May be a while before the mirrors are up, in the mean time pick it up here.]