Map Double Feature

It has been a long time, since the last new JB maps have seen the light of day. The waiting is over - today we have not only added one, but two new maps to our map database.

The first one (left picture) is a very unusual map, set up in space and built by RevBillyG. The cool rotating skybox itself makes the map worth a download but it has a lot more to offer. Go ahead, download JB-TheEye3 and see it, to believe it.

The second new arrival (right picture) comes from James 'Chezdog' Mclean who converted his very own CTF-Oblivion12 into an even better JB map. Prepare to get owned by the bots in a nice canyon style terrain with 2 different bases and two different capture scenes. Download JB-Oblivion12 now and take a walk on the wild side.

Update: larrystorch already added those maps to his server, so you better download 'em now and make sure to join us next sunday at the MotherShip for another edition of the Sunday Lockdown. Thanks again to RevBillyG, Chezdog and larrystorch!