Mondo Mappage

Okay, I got a lot of mapping news for you here. First of all, Birelli has released a final version of JB-Cavern. Major changes to lighting and texturing make this new version a good slight prettier than the beta.

Also, Chezdog has released JB-Cellblock. It's a beta so far, but initial reports are positive. Industrial theme with indoor and outdoor sections. It actually does a decent job of looking like a jail. Pick it up or check out some screenies at The ChezDog's site.

Those were the new releases, remains some p1mpage: Spoon's unpronouncable JB-Orphobeus is map of the week at the planet. Many congratulations for that achievement to our resident New Zealander. Of further interest, Sunspire, PlanetUnreal's new map review site has reviewed both Orphobeus and DarkTowers. Although NaliGirl was largely positive on both, she had a few gripes. A harsh taskmistress indeed. I have to say, the Sunspire boyz 'n grrrlz are doing a pretty good job of filling up the void left by NaliCity's move to BeyondUnreal (or is it 'Beyondunreal'? 'Beyond Unreal'? Let's just call it BU, shall we?) Umm. . .what was I saying? Oh yeah. A big 'yo' to the proprietors of Sunspire for a job so far well done.

One final note: The Mothership Homepage has changed url and can now be found at this location. For those not in the know, the mothership is our regular stomping ground and Pete's page gives you the whole lowdown. Planned events, map rotation, and the rest. Check it out.