The monsters are back!

Image - The monsters are back!

The Jailbreak team are certainly quick off the mark. No sooner is the awesome Epic Bonus Pack released that they're hard at work, adapting the pack's monsters to new work slaying captives in our Jailbreak jails (thanks Wormbo for the pic!).

It just goes to show that although Jailbreak 2003 is a completely new codebase, lovingly designed from the ground up, we're keeping the things that made UT Jailbreak great. Who could forget getting speared by Slith in JB-Phasma, or getting your feet gnawed off by pupae in JB-Hydro16?

On the subject of the new code design, I plan to trap Mychaeel in his secret bunker and threaten him with stale pizza (pepperoni and moose milk mozzarella) until he tells me everything, so I can tell you. Don't tell him. Stay tuned.