MotherShip Mutator Madness!

Image - MotherShip Mutator Madness!

The rules of engagement have been changed as I have added a bunch of Wormbo's finest mutators to the Jailbreak MotherShip.

The BUF Bonus Pack Mutator adds the poop rifle, the flame thrower and some armor shards.
The Enhanced Items Mod enables the spawning of some random relics (including a new relic of wealth) and tweaks the player's HUD a little.
Redeemer 2k3 changes the visual effects of the redeemer and the relic of vengeance for all you UT2003 lovers.
And finally the Q3A Mutators enable hit sounds and let players start with 25% more health but drain it to the default value over time.

The server is set up to send you the necessary files (redirection is enabled) but I strongly suggest to download and install these mutators before you start fraggin' over at the melting pot .

Rethink your strategies, join this weeks Wednesday Parole and don't forget about our GameVoiceServer.

Update (10/06/2003): These mutators are gone and the Jailbreak MotherShip is back to normal.