New JB-War beta, Patch info

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It's been a few days. I've been coding. It's what I do. For what it's worth, I've missed you all. And that, ladies and gentlemen, was the world's shortest rant. On to the news.
Wiz has released a new beta of JB-War. Rough but relatively open terrain seperates two bases. If that's your kind of thing, give it a whirl.
I and Mychaeel, whose scripting skills seem nearly native, are working on a 205 patch as we speak. Well, as I type and you read I suppose. No major bugfixes because there are no major bugs. Unless you count this one. Several new features though and some netplay tweaks. Here's the lowdown:

-Turned instagib back on
-Turned translocs back on and implemented code to prevent 'transloc-hopping'
-Freeze spectating bots and players during a capture
-Removed almost all log errors
-Fixed team size problem
-Fixed custom bots. You can now have custom meshes for bots, but these bots won't display JB-specific behaviour. That means that, when imprisoned, they'll spend their time running up against the door.
-Cumulatively decreased TTL for llamas
-Prevented llamas from releasing teammates
-Added bonus scores for effective defenders

Combining this with the 'mutator suite' should make for an almost divine online experience. I'm gonna try to get some online testing done over the weekend. If you wanna help out and are willing to suffer the ping involved with a (probably) European server, drop me a line. Speaking of a divine online experience, does anybody feel like converting 'Soap on a rope'? I used to have a hell of a time playing those old Q2 JB levels.