News for the Jails

Image - News for the Jails

What do you usually do in jail?

1) Think "Man this map is small" and frag on: Rtfm!
2) Watch these stupid bots run against the wall: Update to UTJB 205!
3) Look bored: Read on...

Imagine a screen in the jail were you can look at a top-view of the map and follow the motion of your teammates. Or even better: Read the latest UTJB news! Or some news the author of the map has decided to tell you about? Now you think I'm gone crazy? I'm not!

Mychaeel has updated his Screen component to allow mappers to do exactly what I said.

Download the DM-ScreenDemo map where you can see how to add this rocking feature to a map (documentation included). The screen will show the news behind this link. This is a simple html-document and the screen in the map will change every time we change the news (the graphics have to be included as textures in utx-format). If you don't believe me: This one will be added tomorrow! I think something like that has never been done before... (Please note that the map will attempt to go online even in single player mode in order to download the news, but this behaviour can be customized.)

Any more questions?