Progress Report

As many of you know, we're hard at work readying the new version of UTJB for release. I thought I'd bring you up to date on our progress so far. Don't expect any major spoilers, but I hope you'll glean some insight into the process regardless. Before I get started, let me say that the lion's share of the work done so far has been shifted by those fine Germans, Mychaeel and ElBundee. My own professional obligations have kept me thoroughly away from the UTJB code base. A big kudos to the two of you for the work you've shifted so far.

All this is about to change. I'm taking a few days off to spend intimately with my 'puter and catch up on some work. Right, with that out of the way, on to the actual body of this sorry excuse for a posting.

- First off, courtesy of El, we got a new hud. It's been completely redesigned, and although it retains many graphic elements of the old one, it looks much cleaner, and scales better. What's more it's skinnable! Mappers can add custom huds to their maps and players can create their own. El's even gone so far as to write a DIY tutorial for the thing, the link to which I shall happily publish once there's something to actually skin for.

- Mych, not to be outdone, has rescripted the score board. Not only does it contain more data, it meshes well with the hud and is much clearer and less archaic than the original. And you can even see your ping while in prison.

- Human Pyramids! I thought it was impossible, but Mych did it anyway. mappers will now be able to utilize the tried and tested concept of 'standing on your team-mate's head and jumping up and down' to facilitate escapes. No bot support, but I'm sure it'll prove popular nonetheless.

- Transloc issues have been fixed. Mappers will now be able to decide whether translocs can be used on a per-zone basis. This should help compatability issues with older maps and allow mappers more flexibility.

- Many bug fixes. Campkill, arena glitches, you name it, it's been cleaned up.

I'll post a report on the progress of my bit of the job as soon as I've actually got something worth telling you about. We've got some pretty cool stuff lined up yet.

Okay, you've read through this. Well done. Here's the interesting bit: We're looking for beta testers. Testers will receive regular internal builds to play around with and will be expected to post feedback regularly, They will also be expected to be capable of editing .ini files manually, replacing .u files and the like. Want to be the first on the scene to try out our new stuff? Drop me a line with your system specs, OS, UT version, and previous testing experience.

I'll be back with more progress to report after the weekend.