Ready to explode?

Image - Ready to explode?

A long time ago, Trueblood requested to add the DE mutator to our server but unfortunately Digital Extremes released two different versions of the same file, leading to 'version mismatch' errors. To avoid this problem, Wormbo picked up Mychaeel's suggestion to rename the mutator and while he was on it, he did a little bit of tweaking too.

So thanks to Wormbo, our server is now making use of VolatileAmmo (ammo explodes when shot) and VolatileWeapon (killed players will discharge their weapon). The server is set up to send you the necessary file (redirection is enabled) and as it's a very small one, there is no manual download available this time.

Rethink your strategies, join todays Wednesday Parole and don't forget about our GameVoiceServer.