Revenge is sweet

Image - Revenge is sweet

I don't just post news you know. I make unl33t maps, I feed the moose and now and again I do a bit of coding. My latest project is called the Avenger Add-on. It's really an extension of the Berserker Add-on Crokx created: the winner of an arena battle is rewarded with a little something to help him go forth and sow havoc among the enemy players. The Berserker Add-on gave the winner a berserker power-up, but the Avenger Add-on lets you choose in the user options which of the four UT2003 addons to award to arena winners: berserk, boost, speed or invisible.

Meanwhile, Mychaeel has announced that he's done all the work porting Jailbreak to UT2004. From what I gather it's been mostly work on the HUD and the GUI. Here's a shot of half of the new HUD for Jailbreak 2004. If you're really good, I'll post the other half next week.