Reviews at Jailcrew

The friendly people over at Jailcrew have posted reviews of Spoondog's Hydro16 conversion and of MasterBotAI's JB-Castell. Here's a clip to pique your interest:
Fun to play on or off line, this is definatly a good map. In some jailbreak maps you can get captures very fast and very often and while in others it takes forever to get just one capture, Hydro seems to be in the middle of the two which is great. I had no trouble playing this map on-line and no slowdowns playing in off-line. Simular to face this map can become a battle of snipers.

I'd also like to thank the competitors present at our Sunday Lockdown yesterday. Once again it was busier than ever. A couple of new players dropped by and wailed on me like a jock on a nerd during PE. I got a rocket with your name on it guys ;) To be honest, almost everybody whupped me pretty bad. I guess I need some practice.

Have a good week y'all. If yer ever in Utrecht I'll buy you a beer.