Rob Rocks

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. . .and quite conceivably rolls, as well. Newbie JB mapper Rob has released not one, but two new maps. The first, JB-AncientTitan, is a conversion of his own CTFM original. Four crypts, one titan. Personally I enjoy the way people are pushing the proverbial limits of JB mapping these days, with the addition of monsters and other special features becoming more and more common.

Rob's second map is a conversion of Cliffy's CTF-Gauntlet, originally titled JB-Gauntlet. I've enjoyed a few good romps on the CTF original, and I suspect the JB version will make for a fast and intense game.

Rob originally sent me the info on AncientTitan more than a week ago and I've been terribly negligent in not informing you, the audience sooner. Please accept my apologies. It's an RL thing.