School ahead!

Along with a selected few more of what Westwood, creator of the famous Command & Conquer series, calls "the best and brightest FPS modding teams from around the world," we have sent our own representative to Westwood's Mod College in Las Vegas to get to know the engine and tools for modding for their upcoming game Command & Conquer: Renegade.

    The day will be spent learning Renegade's gmax-based mod tools, from the basics of level building, to the more advanced principles of lighting and AI scripting. The teams will have the opportunity to help shape the final direction of Renegade's mod tools before they are released to the public in March.

Mod College's "teachers" will include representatives from Discreet, along with programmers, designers, artists and animators from Westwood. The teachers will take feedback from the mod teams and incorporate it in to the final documentation that will be released with the Renegade mod tools to the general public.

Jailbreak for Renegade? Let's see what Dai has to tell when he comes back from his trip to the U.S. west coast...