Site relaunched at PlanetUnreal.

We've moved. And we got banners. That's a good thing? Well, good or bad, it's the price you pay for that nifty addy. With any luck, you won't notice any major changes. We're still using the forum over at Feel free to post there, but don't forget that it will be going down permanently soon and the messages will be lost forever. A new forum will be available in a matter of days. Our new URL is Bookmark it. The addy won't be around for long now.

To those of you who are new to UTJB, welcome. UTJB is the Unreal Tournament version of JailBreak, originally a Quake (2/3) mod. In it, you send your opponents to prison by fragging them and release your team mates by accessing a release mechanism in the opponent's base. Similar to CTF, UTJB features a more thoughful style of play and requires more team work to get things done well. The basic package contains twelve excellent maps, both conversions and original work by such luminaries as DireIce, Wolf, SnowDog, and myself ;). Many more maps are available from BreakOut, often with reviews. The current version of UTJB, 205, is available from the Download page, together with an interesting selection of mutators for the mod.

Wanna play? Online? Join the club. The best online UTJB goodness is to be had at QAPete's Mothership. Join us on Sundays at 2000 GMT (1400 eastern. . .ish) for our regular Sunday Lockdown. Your chance to meet the makers and mappers of UTJB and frag them mercilessly. Setting up your own server is also easy enough, although you wouldn't think so looking at the amount of mod servers out there. Hello people? Yeah, you. With the T1. Do you know how many Instagib CTF-Face only servers there already are out there? At last count two gazillion. Try something defferent! For more info on setting up your own UTJB server, have a look at the online manual.

Drop by soon for more of the latest UTJB news and goodness.