In preparation of the Wednesday Parole I have added a few mutators to the Jailbreak MotherShip.

The BUF Bonus Pack Mutator adds a couple of new weapons and some armor shards. ElBundee's Random Relic mutator (bundled with Jailbreak III) is set up to spawn 4 random relics per map and Wormbo's Redeemer 2k3 changes the visual effects of the redeemer and the relic of vengeance.

The server is set up to send you the necessary files (redirection is enabled) but I strongly suggest to download and install these mutators before you join the spamfest!

Update (10/26/2003): I have removed these mutators for the Sunday Lockdown. Keep in mind that DST (daylight saving time) is gone as well in most parts of the world, so make sure to have a look at the lockdown counter for the right time to join!