Stout, not symmetrical

Image - Stout, not symmetrical

The dictionary tells me that stalwart means 'Firm and resolute; stout'. And some maps just don't go away, they resolutely keep coming back in new incarnations. Stalwart dates back from the original UT, and this latest version has been adapted for Jailbreak by 4WD from KillBait's own version of StalwartXL for UT2003.

Unusually for Jailbreak, this map is non-symmetrical. It's quite a challenge with these to make sure play is balanced, and after we beta tested it online recently there was plenty of discussion about it. Get it from Nali City and try it for yourself.

This map comes with a great execution sequence that had me burst out laughing during testing. The screenshot gives you a clue as to what fate might await you in jail.