Turn switches into flags

A mutator that converts maps on the fly to play as Capture The Flag has been released by -=Musc@t=-, and one of the gametypes it handles is Jailbreak.

To play your favourite Jailbreak maps as CTF, just download and install UT2004 Map Converter, then select a Jailbreak map as usual but enable the mutator. Jails and arena will simply be disabled. For maps that have more than one release switch per team, the mutator picks one to be the flag base.

There's always been a tradition of converting popular CTF maps for Jailbreak. November was a favourite in the UT Jailbreak days, for example, and for Jailbreak 2004 there's CoolDude's conversion of Chrome. Now here's the process in reverse. There's a thread in our forum discussing this interesting mutator. Enjoy... but remember to come back to regular Jailbreak in time for tomorrow night's Lockdown!