UT3 Jailbreak Beta 2 Release

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Hot on the heels of the news that beta 1 received a Make Something Unreal Contest prize, we have a new version for you to try out!

Download it now via BeyondUnreal Fileworks mirrors. At the current time, only the AtomicGamers and FileFront mirrors seem to be working, so try them first.

Zip install: (328.77 MB)

UT3 version 2.1 with Titan Pack is required.

Following are the 11 maps in our beta 2 release:

JB-Pagoda by h34dcr4sh
JB-Precinct by RevBillyG
JB-Rebirth by The_Head
JB-FacingWorlds by Tahngarthor
JB-Makoy by G.Lector
JB-Strand by Hazel.H
JB-Seven by RevBillyG
JB-Suspense by Wormbo
JB-Gasoline by H34dCr4sh
JB-OfMiceAndMen by RevBillyG
JB-Yaijm by DeathoX 8

Main changes since beta 1:

  • The cake was a lie.
  • New map JB-Yaijm by DeathoX 8
  • Several minor map updates.
  • Fixed not being able to search for Jailbreak in the server browser.
  • JailbreakUI package is now downloadable when a player without the mod installed joins a Jailbreak server.
  • Ini and localization fixes so that strings display properly in the UI. (not all languages are fully localized yet, but we should have no more blank strings)
  • Auto-setup support for single-switch maps
  • Replication fixes for: jump pads in JB-Face, burning execution in JB-Pagoda that didn't show in online games, depressurize execution in JB-Precinct could get green overlay stuck on screen, and delayed appearance of celebrating player
  • Many HUD tweaks including displaying a number instead of player icons for large numbers of players in jail or freedom.
  • More support for titans, including a Titan Arena property which allows players to become a titan in that arena.
  • AI team tactics indicator added to HUD
  • Team scores shown after an execution.
  • Scoreboard shows player status icons.
  • New Kismet actions to give armor to players, and to force AI to crouch.
  • Jail Event "Jail Doors" link is renamed to "Exit Markers" to avoid confusion.

We hope you enjoy participating in this beta demo! Rest assured that we have plenty more exciting maps and features coming soon, including a return of the llama hunt, monsters, and arena cams.

As this is a beta, we would really appreciate your feedback in our forums. For a list of currently known issues and to report new issues, visit the Support Forum.