UT3 Jailbreak Beta Demo Released!


Jailbreak has finally arrived for UT3!

The Make Something Unreal Contest round 4 submissions are due today, and for the occasion we have submitted a beta demo, and are making it available for you to download via BeyondUnreal Fileworks mirrors.

Zip install: (412.72 MB)

Windows exe: UT3JB-Beta_Installer.exe (359.35 MB)

UT3 version 2.1 with Titan Pack is required.

Following are the 11 maps in our demo release:

JB-Pagoda by H34dCr4sh
JB-Precinct by RevBillyG
JB-Rebirth by The_Head
JB-FacingWorlds by Tahngarthor (SirTahngarth)
JB-Makoy by Oscar "G.Lector" Crego
JB-Strand by Hazel.H
JB-Seven by RevBillyG
JB-Suspense by Wormbo
JB-Gasoline by H34dCr4sh
JB-Jaques_Birthday by Pendragon
JB-OfMiceAndMen by RevBillyG

We hope you enjoy participating in this beta demo! Rest assured that we have plenty more exciting maps and features coming soon, including a return of the llama hunt and arena cams.

As this is a beta, we would really appreciate your feedback in our forums. For a list of currently known issues and to report new issues, visit the Support Forum.