UTJB 2 Released!

Slightly sooner than expected. I'm not complaining. This new version features many improvements over the original. The code has been cleaned up immensely and it's now much easier to work out what's going on thanks to a greatly improved HUD. Many niggling bugs have also been fixed. The new UTJB is much prettier than the previous version, with an easy to understand HUD depicting the status of the two teams, the player's own current status and even a compass to help players find the release switch. New bot states cause jailed bots to slouch around and even fall asleep, while free bots are easier to control thanks to a new stance slider. The biggest improvement has to be the maps. While the original featured only four maps, three of them by myself, the new version comes with no less than twelve maps by five different people. All of them are of the highest quality and guarantee hours of fun, both on line and off.

Download UTJB 2