UTJB 205 released

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Well, we got it finished. This new version of UTJB fixes a minor plethora of issues, mostly related to online play. There are balance and playability fixes in here and even a few new features. Here's the lowdown:

-Turned instagib back on.
-Turned translocs back on, although you can't use them to escape from jail.
-Freeze spectating bots and players during a capture.
-Removed almost all log entries.
-Fixed team size problem.
-Fixed custom bots. You can now have custom meshes for bots, but these bots won't display JB-specific behaviour. That means that, when imprisoned, they'll spend their time running up against the door.
-Added a config to prevent 'translochopping'.
-Made Llamas' lives more difficult. They can no longer operate the releasemech, players killed by llamas don't go to jail, and the amount of time they remain llamas decreases every time they become one.
-Integrated anticamp mutator into HUD. You now get a shield icon whenever you're protected.
-Updated anticamp mutator. Players only become llamas if they do more than 20 pts. damage (so no splash damage llamas), added protection from damage while in jail.
-At end of game, highest scoring player on winning team is now shown.
-Added option to disable llamas and send cheaters straight to jail.
-Split the code into server and client sections to make future updates more simple.
-Added version number to browser window to prevent mismatches.

It all looks pretty simple, but I hope these fixes will make online play more enjoyable and fair for all.
I'd like to thank QAPete, the people over at MyUnreal, ElBundee and everybody else who was involved in the release for helping out with feedback, suggestions, and testing. And a special thank you to Mychaeel who has proven himself an excellent coder, if a harsh taskmaster.

Download the full version. (13.3 MB)
Download the Upgrade from 200. (661 KB)