Jailbreak Manual: Quickstart into Jailbreak 200x

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Quickstart into Jailbreak 2004

For those of you who want to start fragging, right now, no questions asked, follow these quick instructions:

  1. Install Jailbreak 2004. If you need help with this, see Installing the Mod.
  2. Launch UT2004 and choose Instant Action. Select Jailbreak in the game type list (listed below the default game types in the Custom Game Types section).
  3. Choose the map you want to play.
  4. If you want,
    • click the Game Rules tab customize the score limit or time limit and any other options you need, or
    • click the Add-Ons tab (next to the Mutators tab) to activate or set up extra Jailbreak features such as the Llama Hunt, the Celebration Screen, or Release Protection.
  5. Hit the Play button to start the match!

When you're in the game:

  1. Kill the other team! Don't get killed! Find the release switch to bust your team out of jail! If everyone on the other team is fragged, you score! Have fun and good luck!
  2. If you want to play against real people online, all you need to do is choose Join Game from the main menu. Then, click the Internet button, and select Jailbreak from the game type selection box in the top right of the screen. A list of Jailbreak servers will appear. Double-click on one of them and away you go!

Want a bit more detail? See Playing Jailbreak.