Breakout updates, life continues largely unabated

Thoth, that purveyor of reviews both fine and extra fine, has updated his Breakout site with, among other niceties, a review of Snowdogs highly respectable (and purdy!) JB-Construction.
In other news; scratch that. . .lack of news. . .I'm gonna try to start doing some coding again. Mych sent me a message urging me to get 'back on track' so to speak and I suppose I should. Just not quite sure what yet. I have some vague plans for a UTJB-ish game type or two that can be played on UTJB maps. I was thinking along the lines of rescuing hostage rabbits from jails. I'm kidding of course. Although it may be fun. Another option is to work out some kind of UTJB backend that would allow for a simple scoring system that persists over multiple games. Something like da worldstats, only less complex. I'd like to know what you have to say about the future of UTJB in the forum.