JB-Pooltable released, UTJB available on CD

/=- deserves my apologies. His JB-Pooltable has been out for a week now and I still haven't mentioned it. It's a pool table. It features pinups (of the most tasteful kind, I am assured). Even so, every red-blooded lad out there should be downloading it now. Red-blooded lasses. . .well, they should download it as well. did I mention it has a pooltable?
Pick it up.
In other news, ModSquad has compiled a CD with the best UT mods available. That is to say UTJB. There's some other stuff on it as well. Suppose they had some space left over ;). Not quite sure how to order, but check out this page for more info. Again, thanks to /=- for the heads-up.