Can't win them all

Image - Can't win them all

ZedMaestro sent me this screenshot a few weeks ago; it's the installation screen from an edition of the UK PC Gamer magazine. I just love what they say about Jailbreak: 'the mod is as near-perfect as makes no odds'. They make us sound pretty chilled out!

They also make it sound like we were entered for Phase IV and the final of the Make Something Unreal contest, so when I saw the results yesterday I was a little disappointed to see Jailbreak wasn't even in the runners-up. The reason, though, is that unfortunately, gametypes didn't fit into the categories, neither in Phase 4 nor in the Grand Finals.

Whatever PC Gamer says, we're not completely resting on our laurels. There are a few bugs we need to fix, so we're planning on making another service pack at some point in the future. With this in mind, we'd like to hear any ideas you have for new Jailbreak features.