The Gauntlet

Image - The Gauntlet

As promised, there's an updated version of the Classic Maps Bonus Pack. The three maps that had problems have been fixed (that's Arboria, Basmma, and Grudge), but there's also a bonus: Zed has added his conversion of alkazex's CTF-Gauntlet-Classic. This itself is a remake of the UT CTF map, so what you're getting is a conversion of a remake of a map that was previously converted to UTJB (the News Moose has aspirin if that's given you a headache).

All you have to do now is download it (there's a patch if you already have version 1 of the pack), and play it at Sunday Lockdown tomorrow. I checked on the server scoreboard a few times last week and there were a lot of people having a great time. Join them!