Caution: mapper at work!

Image - Caution: mapper at work!

It might seem like all news posts these days are about RevBillyG. That's because he's been popping the maps out at quite a rate. He's recently started working on a new map, whose working title is JB-Galactica, and you can follow the progress on this map in this forum thread. There won't be anything playable for some time, but there's plenty of screenshots: it's a rare oppportunity to see a mapper at work and follow the development of what promises to be a great map. Aspiring mappers take note!

There have been several maps for Jailbreak released over the last couple of months, and there are more in development. But that doesn't mean we don't need more maps, rather the opposite: the Jailbreak community is always looking out for new places to frag. Thinking of working on a map for Jailbreak? Post in our mapping forum board.