Coders enquire within

Image - Coders enquire within

I'll start today's post with a quick Lockdown update: basically, there's not much to tell. Sexmachine has asked DefCon whether they can move the server back to New York, and we're waiting to hear back from them.

Some time ago, Mychaeel made this forum post about an eventual Jailbreak 2004c, and what features we'd all like to see included in a patch release. If you check out the thread, you'll see there's no shortage of great ideas, but as is often the case, the problem is actually implementing them. CoolDude is working on the Jail Fights Add-On (see picture), Mychaeel is planning a Spray Paint Mutator, Wormbo has made a InitialSpawnDelay mutator, but there are other great ideas with nobody to work on them.

So if there are any coders out there interested in getting involved in Jailbreak, now might be a good time. Here's a quick summary of some of the add-on ideas floating around that I think could be the most promising...

Radar Addon: same idea as the radar map in the Onslaught gametype.
Overtime Last Chance: if a match goes to overtime because of a tie, the release switches become jammed to nobody can release any more. Last chance to score a point!
Some client-side features from Jailbreak III: automatically switch to Arena Cam when an arena match is starting, switch the release switch colours, gib both arena players in the event of a drawn match.
Get Out of Jail Free card: like in Monopoly! There's even a model for this already, made by RevBillyG.
The Jail Door Toggle: touching your own release switch shuts the enemy jail door.
The Release Switch Flip: only one team's release switches can be active at one time. Release your own team, and the other release switch shuts down until your release is complete.

Do any of the above inspire you? Or do you have ideas of your own? Read about how to join the team and let us know.