Custom Map Pack #3 released!

Image - Custom Map Pack #3 released!

Jailbreak for UnrealTournament is still popular and thus some of our mappers decided to complete their unfinished maps before moving on to Jailbreak 2003. As a result, we are able to release the third Custom Map Pack for Jailbreak III today. The pack includes 12 maps of all kind, some brand-new and unique, others 'old' but enhanced and some conversions. Prepare to get fragged in a mysterious Skaarj outpost, avoid the thunderstorms on Jupiter, travel back in time to the 'Dark Age' or investigate a doomed storage facility.

So while you are waiting for Jailbreak 2003 to hit the scene, make sure to grab this pack and start playing over at our Jailbreak Server as these maps are in 'heavy rotation' at the moment.

Custom Map Pack #3 (18 MB) UMod Version and Zip Version (Epic Bonus Packs 3 and 4 required).

Make sure to have a look at the preview screenshots while downloading and feel free to add your comments about the map pack over in this forum thread.